Plastic Free Cotgrave

Reducing single-use plastics



We are a small group of volunteers, dedicated to reducing single-use plastics in Cotgrave. We see them in Cotgrave, in the fields and in the canal, making their way down to the River Trent and eventually into the Humber Estuary. There, our plastic rubbish joins other bottles, food wrappers, crisp packets, cotton buds, nappies, wet wipes, face masks, protective gloves, plastics from the fishing industry... and much more besides.


Spend a few minutes exploring our website and find out what you can do to help.


In reality, we can’t make Cotgrave entirely plastic free. The device this was written on and the one you are reading it on are plastic. More realistically, what we do want to achieve is to REDUCE SINGLE-USE PLASTICS IN COTGRAVE


What are we doing?

With the support of Plastic Free Communities and Surfers Against Sewage, we have joined over 700 other communities working towards achieving plastic free status. We are doing this by:

  • Working with the support of Cotgrave Town Council;

  • Securing the support of a steadily growing group of small businesses and organisations as Community Champions (businesses) and Community Allies (not for profit groups);

  • Taking part in and organising events for members of the community;

  • Using our Steering Group to reach out to the community.