Plastic Free Cotgrave

Reducing single-use plastics


Keeping safe


Ditch the gloves, buy a litter-picker, but don’t car-share! How to be eco-friendly in a pandemic (article)


Plastic is invaluable in medical settings. For day-to-day use, try to use a re-usable face covering. Wash it after each use.


If you are out and about and picking up litter, do put your own safety first, using a litter picker and keeping your hands scrupulously clean.


Used masks and gloves are the new scourge of our times. Remember, these may be contaminated, so make sure you are protected, if picking them up.

Discarded mask
Masks which are not degradable, are littering our environment.
New masks
Re-usable, washable face coverings are much more sustainable - and avoid the use of plastic.